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    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2021
    I've read they're commission-based but they also have way higher reviews than Fry's. I've never lived in a place that has a store so I'm wondering if anyone can comment on what it's like to either work there or shop as a customer.
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    I didn't work at Microcenter, but knew someone that did in component sales for a couple years back in the 00s. My understanding back in the day is it was a percentage on sales instead of Fry's weird system where some stuff paid and other stuff didn't. You could get paid for anything sold unlike Fry's where some items for a weird reason you couldn't get commission if you weren't in that department. Not too sure how their commission structure works now, but except for computer sales there was a mix of pool commission (i.e. a shared pool based on sales for what was sold during the hours you worked) and direct commission that was based upon the cashier scanning a little barcode with your name on it. There was a formal quotation system like with Fry's, but it was largely only used for picking up lockup items. Last I checked they still had their sales associates wear dress shirts. Unlike Fry's I think as a customer it was slightly less annoying. Getting someone to sticker something was less of a hassle and unlike Fry's I think many of the associates actually had some knowledge of the products in their area. The pool commission component made most of the sales people outside of computer sales less shark out for blood and more eager to help. I wouldn't say everyone there is top notch, but for my expectation for retail electronics they're fairly good. Unlike my experiences with Best Buy the commission structure gives employees some motivation to help people.  
    Outside of some top computer sales people and some managers I don't think anyone working there was just rolling in the money, but I think for retail the pay was ok. I was told that their health insurance back in the 00s was good and that some people especially before the Affordable Care Act stuck around because the quality of the coverage was pretty good with reasonable premiums even for older people. No clue if that is still the case now, but pretty sure most of the overall compensation for their sales people is still better than Best Buy.  
    Overall the selection is nowhere near what Fry's had back in the heydays before 2008, but I haven't really seen anyplace in retail that has better selection for computers and components/accessories for computers than Microcenter in a long time. They don't sell appliances. Their selection of TVs is more on par with a local Target at best than Best Buy. They don't sell much in the way of cameras or cell phones. I recall they used to sell more of those, but I think that they decided that they didn't weren't interested much in that space because much of the items that they have are older or fairly entry level. Their smaller footprint I think would have made it hard to not sacrifice on their advantage over best buy for computers and compete well in those other spaces. They made some forays into gaming in the late 00s, but looks like they have started to move more into the maker space with 3D printers as game consoles and their games have become more of a dead end space.  
    They have done pretty well in the pandemic and at least for now I wager that they will be in business for years to come unless they commit some type of massive fraud causing their customers and or suppliers to sue them.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2021
    Well now that Fry's is gone, there is a void for them to fill. I wonder if Fry's stores will be purchased by Micro Center take their place instead.
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    I know Microcenter does get suggestions on Facebook on places to expand. I wager that any new locations may be some time. They have been slow to expand being privately held. In addition, with the size of electronics spending in retail likely shrinking the void left by Fry's may not be that huge. Fry's stores were retail graveyards for a few years now.  
    In addition, it may be worth waiting for more retail stores to close. There may be more vacancies in commercial real estate to pick from and lending may be easier when the pandemic looks further behind us. In markets where a Microcenter was near previous Fry's stores (e.g. Orange County) Microcenter already replaced Fry's years ago for most things.