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    If you get 5 day suspension and don't pick up your termination letter, what happens? You got fired through your own fault so you can't collect what is the point of picking it up? What happens if you go in street clothes instead of the business attire that is recommended?
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    if you go in street cloths you will be sent home to change and then you come back.  
    if you dont com to pick up your termination papers then then its job abandonment so you vq instead of getting fired and you cant collect unemployeementi love it when they call me big papa
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2008
    If you get a 5 day suspension...the point of coming back in is to pick up your final check, not to pick up your papers. If you are suspended for 5 days, and you make it all the way through that suspension with no word for Fry's...then you were fired by the home office. The only thing that will happen is that they will mail you your final check and it will take that much longer to get it. :face-crying:
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