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    Actually,he loves to act like a little boy.and he told me thats its HER who acts immatture,but in my personal opinion,shes the one who is being the adult here.and its sad that after everything hes put her through,i think she still like him. hes such a hypocrite. Watch out for this guy. HES CREEPY!:face-angel:
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    Yet another post by the genius "WERD_SUCKS28." It's surprising to me that someone would take the time to talk shit about someone who is honestly a CHILL guy. He's like "my favorite WERD in the dictionary" =) Hmm... but someone who claims they do not have anything against homosexuals or bisexuals in my opinion wouldn't use the term "faget." And to use to term "immature?" Come on now, someone who was "immature" and loved "high school drama" would probably write a post just like the one above. HAHA, "faget" if you were in high school still, you would probably spell it like that as well. "faget" is actually a city in Romania. More on the western part of Romania. Its name literally means "beech tree forest" in Romanian. You should google it sometime. But enough with trying to educate you, lets get back to the real reason why I'm commenting you on your horrible attempt to try to hurt someones ego. "faget?" I believe you were referring to the term "faggot." Which to me and everyone else who knows how to spell, is a word as degrading and offensive as "Nigger." The only reason i came on here to comment is because yes, Alex may be turning 23. But as of right now, he's 22. Just like most of us, who are around his age group.. we all have drama. It's just sad to see those create more when it's not necessary. Who are you to decide what he can and cannot do on the weekends? Who are you to say he's a "Nigger Faget?" (let me remind you just in case you forgot, it's spelled "faggot.") And another thing, if you don't want to hear him talk about his ""big dick" or about his "clubbing stories" then why don't you just learn to nod and smile. =) i heard thats what they do at Fry's when you're pretending to listen to a customer but have no idea what they're talking about since they have a horrifying Filipino accent. I'm not saying everyone at Fry's does this, but lets be honest with eachother.. we all know how that Sunday was after E.D.C. =D I think if she really did "like him" still... she would ask whoever "WERD_SUCKS28" is to stop creating drama. Unless it is her, then she "don't gotta lie to kick it" Well, I'm done with this comment, let me just remind you all...  
    "NEVER call a CRAZY BITCH... CRAZY."  
    you never know what she's really  
    capable of.. UNTIL you call her "crazy"