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Selling at Fry's

677 days ago
I have a Raspberry Pi IO card which got funded on Kickstarter (Raspberry Pi Mega-IO).  
I am thinking to try to sell it at Fry's. I heard all sorts of horror stories about this topic, but nothing concrete.  
Does anybody have first hand experience on this?  
Any advice you could share? How to approach them to succeed?  
Or just to give up?  
Thank in advance.
677 days ago
I used to work at Fry's several years ago. I can tell you that you will never get paid on time and PO's will lapse their agreement date.  
I would focus on selling online and making a presence that way. Hardly any tech enthusiasts go to Fry's anymore unless they need something right away, then they end up returning it because they were sold the wrong thing or it was defective. Spread the word by RPi forums and the like; if it's a product in demand for RPi it should sell itself via word of mouth.
675 days ago
It's not worth it unless you get them to pay you upfront with a return policy for unsold merch. A lot of.vendors get taken advantage of.
666 days ago
You're better off offering it on your own website that you host.  
A good example of this is the kid with the Gamecube HDMI Plug-n-Play adapter, already finished designing a third iteration to account for accidental tugging.  
If your product fills in an important niche, it'll find an audience, trust me.  
I'd also check to see with other small kickstarters to find out where and how they are selling their products, not a forum dedicated to burning a big box retailer.
603 days ago
Read this:
203 days ago
Associates during the holidays go in there and shop and pricematch EVERYTHING in their shopping list. Lol. Seen it with my own eyes.  

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