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Surprise Visit

300 days ago
No idea how active this forum is for current employees, but what the hell.  
Has there been any other stores that got a surprise visit from Ken Lutz. He just visited Store 22 today, with us only having heard about the visit yesterday. It wasn't good. Trying to figure out if this happened to other stores or just us. I don't even remember when the last actual visit was from someone from corporate.
174 days ago
I don't know who visited our store but I heard someone from corporate stopped by and that is why I got bitched out for being near the cash registers, when normally myself and other associates go through there all the time. That wasn't a very pleasant experience.
173 days ago
what store?
172 days ago
and I would announce that here publically because?
104 days ago
Also from store 22 and worked there around the time this was posted. Curious af who posted this.

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