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How much flexibility is there on new hire hourly pay?

323 days ago
I just interviewed for a Loss Prevention Officer position. I currently am a loss prevention officer for another company (3 years experience) and I am making $15 an hour, so I put $15 down for desired pay on the application.  
The LP Manager and Assistant Manager at Fry's said the pay for LP caps at $16.50 an hour and they offered me $13. I said $14 is the minimum I would accept, and they said they couldn't do it. So I said how about $13.50, and they said the max they could do is $13.25. They gave me a conditional job offer at $13.25 an hour, but I don't think I will take it.  
How much leeway/flexibility do hiring managers really have at Fry's? Would $14 or more for this position be totally out of the question here? Or are they just playing hard ball?
323 days ago
Fry's is not the place you want to go to negotiate a salary, unless you're going for an executive-level position. You can accept their offer if you're currently unemployed and keep looking for something better.
312 days ago
You actually expect to be paid?
203 days ago
Wait. You are going to negotiate pay at a minimum wage shop? Okayyy....  

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