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Got suspended for 5 days with no prior warning

205 days ago
Just as the title says. I got suspended for apparently not being productive enough. I was never talked to about this before or heard any complaints about my work ethic. I've never been written up or have had any sort of conversation regarding negative work habits. Why out of the blue is this happening?
202 days ago
If you haven't figured out by now, Fry's doesn't care about it's employees. Overall store sales might be down, and you're 'low man on the totem pole'. If you're in a state that has "at will" employment laws, an employer can let you go for no reason.
195 days ago
@Obiwan says "'at will' means 'can fire for any reason.'"  
That's not true. Most states have adopted a precedent from Waggoner, which says you can be fired for a good reason, no reason, but not a bad reason. Bad reasons include obvious protected classes (race, sex, age). Additionally, if a company has a written policy (most do because they don't want diferent policies applied, leading to claims that rules are applied arbitrarily, discriminatory), that becomes the *law* for that company. If a company has a policy defining escalation (verbal counsel, written, 3-day suspension, 5-day, termination) and they don't apply, that is grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.  
Of course, few have the resources to pursue that. But, that's how it is. Also, there will be some behaviors that aren't subject to escalation. Engaging in criminal conduct while at work, sexual harassment. Those are likely spelled out in the policy manual. If it weren't, and they left it nebulous what a terminable offense is, then they'd be open to claims of arbitrary rules that could be based upon age, gender (the protected classes). That's the whole point of a written policy. If they have one, it's probably detailed. If they don't, they're begging for trouble.  
Even with a policy, they can single someone out, give warnings and suspensions when they'd let something slide for someone else. It's not a perfect protection. That might be your point. But, legally, if the policy says verbal warning before suspension, (some amount of time before another verbal warning is required, etc.)... then that can be a "hostile work environment." A "bad reason."

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