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You can't get re-hired at Fry's after giving notice of leave? LOL!!!!

203 days ago
LOL Seriously I know, so this isn't a question. But I find it a bit outrageous that you can't get re-hired. What if the next job you hop to doesn't work out. LOL that is like being Blacklisted which is illegal in my state. Haha. Well, at least it isn't the only minimum wage joint that is out there.  
202 days ago
WHY would you want to get rehired at Fry's?
202 days ago
I haven't worked there very long, my store isn't all that bad. The only bad thing is the commute distance sucking up the gas. However yeah best buy pays more, about $17 an hour or so with no (nonexistant anyway) commission. Just getting hired there is like jumping through hoops apparently. But anyways yeah there's more min. wage jobs within 4 miles of me so I'm not worried about it. Home Depot probably is a better place to work at, who knows.

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