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I just started working at Frys, in component sales...

34 days ago
What do I need to do to be successful in this role?
34 days ago
Sell performance guarantees:)
33 days ago
Find work elsewhere
Randy's Ghost
29 days ago
Learn layout of the store and help people around.  
Be friendly, and ask for job opportunities you maybe able to do.  
Keep in touch & get out of Fry's  
Real Answer?  
- Ask long timers about which components are popular, & read about their uses and variations (if you don't know)  
- go out of your way to memorize where important stuff are  
- go out of your way to make sure everything looks nice and presentable  
- be impossibly likable and avoid problems.
Randy Fry Did 9/11
28 days ago
Focus only on routers and security. If you can learn those two categories, you'll be fine. Also learn to sell PSC.
16 days ago
3 weeks in, I thought I would give an update...  
I just had a good week, caught 1 shoplifter, which netted a $50 reward from loss prevention, figured out how to write quotes... for everything... and had a good Saturday with $140+ in commissions (a Saturday), followed by a $114 Sunday with lower traffic. colleagues and supervisors telling me how great I am doing. It's getting fun, and I enjoy helping people. The only bad experience so far was selling a powerline extender to a customer and saw him returning it as I walked in the next day, knowing it did not solve his problem. Did my best to help him with the options available, but know how frustrating it is when it doesn't work as hoped.  
Replying to Randy's post, I quote up/invoice everything. If you have an NTE part for 1.89 in your hand, you are getting a quote on it. 20% of those have turned into $10 commissions by talking to them and suggesting things, and the rest, well it adds up.  
Really disappointing in how poorly system builds commission, they take a lot of time, are a lot of fun, but only make commission on the power supplies and accessories. Build a $3500 power rig for a kid today over 40 minutes of time and only made $20, while the guy who sold the monitor, with warranty made $60 for 10 minutes on a referred sale. Not bitter at all, happy for him, but just sucks as helping people with builds takes expertise and that is not rewarded.
8 days ago
4 weeks in, still going good. My killer sales have dropped off a bit, not sure if I am not on my game or just slow because the weather has be decent.

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