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Fuck Fry's

115 days ago
In 2016, I had something happen @ a Frys that makes most of thier shit look Tivial, I am dead serious.  
Text below is part of the complaint I submitted to the local paper who did not print it. Hate is the only word that fits along with read 1984 by George Orwell.  
They are incompetent & they lie. Last September I flew back to Oakland after being  
with my best friend of 45 years who had cancer. I was with him for 5 days before he  
died. I was mentally & emotionally drained. On the way home I picked up my car from  
a repair shop & made the mistake of stopping in FRY'S parking lot to check that my  
registered 9mm auto was in the trunk (ps - Fry's shares thier video with Fremont  
police). 2 hours later, I am in my bath rob in my home office when I hear "Victor  
come out with your hands up". I do as the big voice commanded....There in my  
driveway was the F'g swat team. 3 police cars, guys armed with M16 equivilants.  
What the F. After I complied with thier request, my wife came ot & she was  
handcuffed. MF. The lead officer explained about the Frys Video(don't shop at  
Frys). then he said I tryed to call your telephone number (which is on a trailer in  
my driveway as I am a general contractor). THat was a cell as everyone  
else's records the number that is calling. Fremont PD never called. Then they left,  
no apologizes, no indication that this was a Stupid F'g thing to do. I can never  
forgive them.  
Fuck Fry's......I am a Vietnam Vet & was in combat... Having guns pointed in your direction is personal... What happened will never happen again. I am not taking this as a one of incident . Everyone can start worrying about big brother watching...because Frys showed me what is possible..........
114 days ago
Did you pull your gun out and dance around a firepit with it? If I was checking my gun I'd keep it super lowkey. Then close my shit and leave. I'm really wondering how you stopped at a parking lot, did your check, and left with them noticing a gun. What exactly are you leaving out?  
Oh, and don't think you're not invited back to my stores. Your Best Buys are always at Fry's.
104 days ago
Wow, you should move to Indiana, the police might have shown up just to see what kind of ammo you prefer and ask to hit the range with you (not kidding). In all seriousness, you could probably have a lifetime CCW permit and have carried that thing on your hip or under the steering wheel without any issue or need to stop and check your firearm. Really sorry you have to deal with the gun laws, politics, and general fear of law abiding gun owners in cali. BTW don't shoplift at Fry's their loss prevention is the best and you will get caught. (not LP myself, just my impressions after working there, seriously impressed with how they have their shit on lockdown). If Fry's LP called law enforcement on you, and they responded the way you describe, something happened beyond what you are describing... And that is not on Fry's, that is on you. You perfectly stated you were not even a customer, just stopping in their property to check your firearm, (which is not the purpose of their parking lot btw) Thank you for your service, but nothing in your post described anyone at fry's doing anything wrong. If they informed law enforcement, it was probably for a good reason and how law enforcement handled it is up to your local law enforcement, courts, lawmakers, and ultimately, the voters...

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