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169 days ago
I was advised today that not recommending a Fry's card offer could result in negative consequences like getting written up. At the same time, if a customer is awarded a fry's card and chooses the 5% incentive, it kills any commission that a smart salesperson would have earned from up-selling the customer, creating a dis-incentive to sell Fry's cards. I have no problem offering or selling the frys card, with the exception that in my category it makes a big deal, like zero commission or significantly less on our most expensive an highest commission items (Arlo, Swann, Ring 'when not on sale', Orbi, Velop) . Is there a better way to handle the commission hit from selling the cards?
168 days ago
Was talking with my colleagues about this topic a little bit, and all agree that the costs of a customer choosing a 5% incentive on the Fry's card should come from department GP, not the salesperson commission. This would remove the disincentive of selling the frys cards towards the best salespeople and actually provide them another vector to up sell and create a loyal customer, maximizing sales performance. The cost is a wash based on department performance, which in mine, I believe is excellent.
168 days ago
no way around the comm hitt. if you pitch in to the success of the department, fry;s cards, then you overall performance and skill increases. you should focus on selling the psc also. if you can do commission, frys card, psc, you will make lots of money and be successful. have fun doing it, don't think about the comm hitt.
142 days ago
Just point out that the 0% interest over 6 months would save them a lot more money in the long run.

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