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So what now for Fry's?

360 days ago
I work out east at a Fry's, and it's obvious something is going on. Anyone else out east concerned about their job? Anyone working for Fry's in general concerned about the company as a whole?  
I think it's safe to say we won't be lasting more than another year at most.
360 days ago
Anything from China and Mexico are going to be expensive because of tariffs. Even 99 cent stores are closing down.
360 days ago
What will effect the most has not even happen yet... give a couple of week.
357 days ago
are they rlly gonna get rid of all insurance benefits for all employees?
345 days ago
Insurance benefits will stay but i heard a rumor a majority of associates will be converted to part time positions, possibly 1/3 of the staff in each store. If your bot a specialist your part time now.

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