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Full-time to Part-time. Frys is nearing the end...

118 days ago
Various coworkers just got this note from our Store Manager....  
What are your thoughts?
108 days ago
Time to get a real job
105 days ago
I agree. I also heard that home office gave the store manager the direction to not hire new people to the store. Employees are leaving the store, and the store is now currently down to a skeleton crew. After working with this store for many many years, it's time for me to move on. I am currently looking for employment elsewhere while I am still employed through Frys. I don't think my store will make it to the June 2020 deadline before it is closed off.
105 days ago
You’re lucky you guys even got a notice, we didnt.  
Webster location was just told pretty much same day, hey uh, you’re gonna get like big big hour cuts.  
Next thing you know we went from 30-40 hours to 4.  
Everyone’s pretty much left. Including myself. I’m just here to watch the fascinating event of a business slowly decompose while its hanging onto life. :face-monkey:
105 days ago
I wonder how stores making the highest profits are doing during this time?

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