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Massive hour cuts for stores

106 days ago
So yesterday our store eleminated about half of our labor for the store, going from thousands of hours to less than 900.
105 days ago
Wonder how they’re going to pic which stores to close. Ours cut hours a long time back. Welcome to the club. 💕💘Hours are getting cut, everyone’s are. Just leave. Let me know whose store declares they’re going out of business first.
105 days ago
upper management is forcing all stores to run with less than 30-40 people per the store
104 days ago
Looks like they held back from super drastic cuts in hours because of legal issues regarding the scheduling full time associates to 0 hours. Im sure these full time associates will recieve a letter stating they are now part time. Right after that management will cut them to 1 day and hope these people just quit to aviod paying unemployment.

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