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What is going on with paying via credit card?

101 days ago
For the past several days, I've been unable to place an online order. I keep getting "Your card issuer replied that some or all of the information you've entered does not match their records. Please make needed corrections, or contact your card issuer for assistance."  
I've triple checked that my name and address are exactly the same on Fry's order as on my credit card account. It's all the same. I tried three different credit cards. Each one results in the same error message, so I'm pretty sure it's some screw-up on Fry's end causing this. I called Fry's. They tried to place an order for me on the phone - still same problem, and they have no idea how to fix it. They keep blaming my credit card company, even though my credit card company actually authorized the transaction on their end, but yet Fry's system is still throwing a fit.  
Anyone worked in Fry's IT and can shed some light as to what is happening and how to fix it?  
101 days ago
The computer systems in store have been having a ton of issues. Nothing has been working right. Management doesn't have any answers for employees.
101 days ago
Stores not only ones having cuts, probably cut the whole IT department. The end is closer than you think.
101 days ago
The reason is warehouse is in the process of closing and orders will now be shipped from the stores. This will be a 3 week process likley. So in between im sure there will be issues .

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