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Anyone still on here

390 days ago
Roll call ! Where do you live and when did u work at frys
388 days ago
Las Vegas. 2009.
388 days ago
Austin, TX 2019
386 days ago
no it's just me trolling you azn nazis.  
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377 days ago
I worked at the San Diego Store. It's been so long that I forget when.
345 days ago
I used to work at store 7, Fountain Valley, around 2005-2007. I'm surprised that there is virtually any stores left at this point. I would have thought that they would have closed everything already.
340 days ago
I worked at the Dallas store from 2003 to January 2020. I was the Components Manager from 2008 to 2013 then Computer Manager till 2019 before we all took a demotion. When Ken Lutz visited in March 2020 for a visit the guys told me he was looking for me and didn't know I had already left.
336 days ago
1998 to Nov 2001 tempe az store 17 I still have my damn name tag lol and remember my ID number left because of 9/11 idiot dept manager told me after I found out a cousin died on the second plane to hit the world trade center when I requested a day off No why would you need a day off he is already dead . Made up my mind to quit put in my request for 2 week time off re enrolled in school came back with Pink hair and quit.  
Fuck a company that cares more about $$$ then people or a national tragedy. Fuck Frys
Tired of the Tie
335 days ago
Fry's 22 Austin, TX 2008-2010. I still remember my employee number.  
I pop in here every now and then, especially right before Black Friday, just to check on the slow death. I've heard about the barren stores, I have a curiosity for dead malls. Haven't been on here in a few years but am back to check on the decline as many businesses start to fold in 2020. Next time I'm in Austin I want to stop by just to see for myself and to be flooded with nostalgia. Unfortunately it doesn't seem I will get the chance.  
Fry's spring boarded my IT career and now I work for a GREAT company with AMAZING management.
322 days ago
I still check in from time to time, but in recent years actual employees are almost non-existent because the number of stores is falling and even in the stores that still exist there are almost no employees left. I'm honestly shocked that there are any stores left at this point. I honestly predicted back in 2007 that I wasn't sure that they would last 10 years. Early 2020 even before the pandemic I wasn't sure that they would keep most of the stores open through the end of the year, but surprisingly there are still quite a few clinging on... somehow. Except for some cables and some accessories there is almost nothing left.
314 days ago
I worked at Dallas for 17 years as the Components and Computer Manager, I created a facebook group with over 300 people, if you worked at a Texas Store please join,
Darth Vader
277 days ago
Store 7. Fountain Valley. 2004-2011.
275 days ago
Darth Vader: Store 7. Fountain Valley. 2004-2011.
Wow... I worked at Fountain Valley 05-07. Small world.  
Considering my comments back in January not surprised that they didn't last long.
264 days ago
Austin, TX... worked there 2011 to 2017. Not surprised to see this forum still existing.
261 days ago
r3j3ct: Austin, TX... worked there 2011 to 2017. Not surprised to see this forum still existing.
258 days ago

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