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I have Randy Fry's License and info

133 days ago
I bought 2 desktops from the consignment sale in DFW and was loaded with Randy Frys personal info including Drivers license, scanned court documents, and other stuff. Looks like it was Jen Myers desktop from Austin Store. It also came with 4 hard drives with documents going back 10 years. Also included was business operational details on the company closing. LOL
133 days ago
IF anyone wants to send him mail asking from our deferred comp checks let me
122 days ago
Are you going to post it online?
100 days ago
Post all the dirty details here with the scans and document uploads. Be sure to remove EXIF details using EXIF remover tool online or program. :face-devil-grin:  
This forum web site is based in a foreign country, so Fry's corrupt ex-executives and their ambulance chasers cannot touch this forum.  
What you describe sounds like sheer incompetence on the part of the store management desperate to offload shit yet forgot to erase (reformat hdd), thus proving how lazy and stupid they are (Fry's Electronics correlates with low IQ morons at the managerial, supervisory and executive level). LOL
76 days ago
Ill upload some good stuff on here tomorrow :)
63 days ago
Valve2000: Ill upload some good stuff on here tomorrow :)
Still waiting buddy ⌚

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